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Attrib. George Morland - English (1763 - 1804)


"A Visit to the Donkies"


Oil on Canvas in an exquisite antique gilt frame.



W - 17.5" 

H - 13.5"


W - 24.5"

H - 20.5"


Painting is not signed, however, accompanying the Painting is an engraving of the same picture titled "A Visit To The Donkies" ascribing the painting to Morland. The engraving is signed "Engraved by Wm Ward". William Ward was one of the most popular engravers of the late 18th and early 19th centuries and was married to George Morland's sister, Maria.

"A Visit to the Donkies" - George Morland, English (1763-1804)

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